Wednesday, January 18, 2012


January 18, 2012

                                          SHARKFEST SWIM FINISH  2012

                                          HONORARY SWIM DIRECTOR

                                          THE AUDIENCE

                                          JEAN PASCAL CAN SWIM TOO

The inaugural Manzanillo Bay Sharkfest Swim took place today from Majahua around Majahua Point to the beach at Hacienda Eden on Manzanillo Bay.  13 swimmers representing an international contingent including Belgium, Australia, Mexico and from throughout the United States swogged (swam slowly) their way through the 84 degree water.  Nine women dominated the field under clear skies in perfect sea conditions with an escort flotilla of sea kayaks, stand up paddle boarders and the command ponga under the command of Captain Samba.  This event kicked off the start of theInternational Sharkfest Swim Series, which includes swims in the following locations: Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Boston, Austin, Charleston and Cape Fear.  The group came ashore in a little over 50 minutes at picturesque Hacienda Eden, where post event festivities were hosted by restaurant Jardin del Eden, whose chef/owner Jean Pascal Bochet also participated in the swim. The 2nd annual Manzanillo Bay Sharkfest Swim is tentatively scheduled for Big Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dia de Muertos

There is a tradition in Mexico on the November 1st and the 2nd the altars are put up to honor the family members and friends who passed away. The Nov. 1st is for the babies and children and the Nov. 2nd for the adults. Every year we honor this tradition here in Hacienda Eden with an altar.

31st of October OPENING NIGHT

Haloween night was our opening night for the Hacienda Eden, the restaurant Jardin del Eden and our boutique Fruity Keiko. People came and enjoyed the food and drinks, while listening to the music of Jimi Mammou. We had a great time...

SEPTEMBER - New season approaching

In September we were in a " full swing" of preparation for the new season,

Jim came from Norway to check on the hotel and oversee our bigger projects.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fruity Keiko in Zihuatanejo

Our store in Zihuatanejo is becoming a very popular spot. Come to see the shop....I am sure you will find a gift for someone special or just to remember your stay in Mexico.

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Index of Effluency

This is a book published by one of Jim and my old friends. Philip Hubner helped us to finance Eden back in the early days. His confidence and enthusiasm helped us so much!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Salsa Dancing at Eden to the sounds of Juanito!

Our new Chef/Owner Jean Pascal hosted a great salsa party, Juanito Zihua and his band played all the favorites, the restaurant had a full house...great food...great music and dancing...GREAT PARTY !!! YEAY!

Our Top guests

We are so lucky to have many many repeat guests every year. Here is a cute photo of Jane and Mark, and Tisa and Bill. Who have been visiting us since the early days. Hi guys!!

Manzanillo Bay Annual Sharkfest Swim December 2011

Some of our long term guests Dave & Wendy anre the proud owners of Enviro Sports, which organizes marathons, triathlons and swims in the U.S.

So the tenative plan is that they bring their signature event "Sharkfest" to Manzanillo Bay.

As you can see the t-shirts are already printed!

We are hoping to schedule the event for December 20011.

We will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sea turtle in action in front of Eden

This morning after an amazing moon set (video later) our guests discovered this lovely mama turtle laying her eggs. Nature is in full force here at Eden!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thank you Mariana!

Mariana has been working on a new flyer for the Fruity Keiko shop here in Oslo. This is the final version and i think that is it so cute! On the bottom if this image is too small you can see photos of each of the FK's. Nice touch!
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Monday, March 01, 2010


Not cute at all!
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Frozen Fjord!

Last week while Nick Brown was here in Oslo visiting us, we went on a shivvery walk down to the Fjord. Now i kind of thought that, ok the fjord freezes, but probably in places where the water is still, and no boats go by. Not so! The Fjord is frozen all over the place. Of course it was BELOW ZERO, and had been for a while. There is ice all over the place. You can see the sea guls sitting on the ice. And we couldn't break though it with big snow chunks no matter how hard we threw them. Apparently the city of Oslo has installed underwater pipes around the very edges closest to the buildings, filled with warm water, to keep the ice away from essential stuff.

It made for a beautiful afternoon, (of course the sun helped!) snow over everything, ice and blue sky. I guess that is why people come here on vacation. (or even to live.)
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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We have a new member of our family! No, it's not Nick Brown! Nick was visiting us last week from England, and was the inspiration for this video, filmed by August. It's always more fun when more kids are involved!

We have actually had Ham for about 2 months. He is from Oslo, and was 36 days old when we got him. He is a good boy, and always eats his supper plus any other chewable items you leave in his cage! He tended to bite a bit when we first got him but he has now figured out what is food and what is hand. Although, one time he did actually bite a piece off of Jim's computer mouse. He recognized the interloper!

Ham is all white and loves dates and walnuts. August has to clean out his cage every 3 days. We thought about taking him out into the snow to see how he would like it but were a bit worried that he might dissapear! We love Ham!

To see on you tube: